Most fictional food franchises would apparently not survive in the real world

A study has revealed which fictional restaurants would survive, and which wouldn't.

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Anyone who saw the relatively recent opening of a friends inspired 'Central Perk' cafe in Manchester (click here for more info) might begin to wonder whether any other famous fictional food outlets are ripe for a real world replica.

Surely, with the support of their onscreen fame and repute, and with subsequent crowds of adoring fans desperate to dine like their Hollywood heroes, such a venture is bound to be a success.

However, a recent study by food box company Gousto has investigated 20 onscreen restaurants, and concluded that in the real world – without the glamour and notoriety given to them by the silver screen – two thirds would fail!

The study took into account an incredibly broad amount of metrics that included: number of hours open, number of venues, review rating, number of employees, parking availability, and more. Each venue was then awarded a score out of 75.

How, I hear you ask, could so much data be gleaned from a TV show? I certainly don't remember many onscreen restaurants' reviews being mentioned in the dialogue.

In fact, to conduct this study, Gousto has combined the limited information that can be gathered from the programmes and movies with real world referencing brands. So Los Pollos Hermanos, for example, was attributed some of the data from KFC, a brand which uses very similar marketing, and offers a very similar product and service.

Breaking Bad's Los Pollos Hermanos

Los Pollos Hermanos, the famous chicken restaurant from Netflix's Breaking Bad was, in fact, the most promising of all 20 restaurants in the study. Gousto concluded that, 'If Los Pollos Hermanos matched its criteria to its real life counterparts, it would have a 76% chance of success!' That's an opening percentage any entrepreneur would dream of.

Unfortunately, Pollos is one of the rare ones: once all the date had been quantified, it was shown that two thirds of the TV and film restaurants had a success rating of less than 38%. This means it's highly unlikely any of them would survive in the real world.

Not so successful

Of this group, the very lowest scoring was The Winchester pub from Shaun of the Dead. Gousto concluded, given the slow and steady decline of the pub industry, that if The Winchester matched their performance it would only have a 21.3% chance of success.

But as Ed says, 'It's not the end of the world'.

The full list

These are the top 10 foodie franchises most likely to succeed...

1. Breaking Bad - Los Pollos Hermanos - Fast Food, Chicken : 57/75

2. Stranger Things - Scoops Ahoy - Ice Cream Parlour: 44/75

3. Parks and Recreation - JJ’s Diner - American Diner: 34/75

4. =American Psycho - Dorsia - Fine Dining Restaurant: 30/75

5. =That 70’s Show - Fatso Burger - Fast Food, Burgers: 30/75

6. =Pulp Fiction - Jack Rabbit Slims - American Diner: 31/75

7. =The Simpsons - Krusty Burger - Fast Food, Burgers: 31/75

8. Gilmore Girls - Luke’s Diner - American Diner: 29/75

9. 90210 - The Peach Pit - American Bistro: 27/75

10. =The Sopranos - Vesuvio’s - Italian Restaurant: 27/75

And the five franchises least likely to succeed...

Pizza Planet - Toy Story

Cake Baby - Bridesmaids

Gusteau - Ratatouille

Double R Diner - Twin Peaks

The Winchester - Shaun of the Dead

Which fictional foodie franchise would you most like to visit? Let us know.

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  • Going by the list, I'm still hoping that a Krusty Krab is a viable option...

      1 year ago
  • I want to go to the Krusty Krab from Spongebob😆

      1 year ago
  • Los Pollos Hermanos is definitely viable, it's a meth cover-up DUH!

      1 year ago
  • What about The Dog House from Breaking Bad?

      1 year ago
  • You forgot Mooby’s from Clerks 2 😂

      1 year ago