Motorized Coffee - How good is this car-themed coffee?

Actually good coffee or just a bunch of nice photos on an Instagram page?

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I'm a sucker for anything that's car-themed, from watches to most recently, coffee. I was on Instagram looking at the various cars featured on the many car-related pages I follow when I get an ad for Motorized Coffee. I usually ignore the ads I see in between looking at posts but this one was actually well done with great photography and everything. So I clicked.

The website was pretty aesthetic overall. They claimed to be passionate about both cars and coffee and decided to combine those two things into one company. The coffees they offer vary from light to dark and they all have some kind of car-related name, from Race Fuel to Supercharged to Drift. They even have a coffee quiz which is supposed to tell you which coffee best suits your tastes. The quiz said I should get the "Drive" coffee and since I also listen to fortune cookies, I bought some.

To make sure the coffee isn't stale by the time it gets to you, it's roasted-to-order. That means that as soon as you press the order button, it's put in a roast queue and sent to you as soon as it's done. I can believe that because I could smell the coffee through the envelope it was packed in so bonus points for that.

Drive is a medium roast coffee made with "Rainforest Alliance, Organic, UTZ Sustainable Farming coffee from Sipi Falls Uganda." When it was done brewing, I noticed that it was darker than I would expect for a medium roast but that's not a bad thing. The foam ring was a pleasant yellowish-brown that gave a nice contrast to the dark brown of the coffee. Oh and the smell, oh the smell. It had that deep, robust coffee smell that fills your nostrils and feels like it's going up into your brain. I love it.

Taste-wise, it's supposed to have caramel, apple, lemon, and fruity taste notes. I only tasted the caramel and the fruitiness but the combination was pleasing to my taste buds. I don't use any sugar or creamer when I drink coffee and this one had a welcoming bitterness that worked in tandem with the caramel and the fruitiness. Combine this with one of them fancy stroopwafels and you've got yourself the breakfast of champions.

Now I'm not some super educated coffee taster so I don't know if I tasted something I shouldn't have in this kind of coffee. To my uneducated taste buds, this was a darn good cup of joe. The 12 oz bag I bought was $17.99 and with shipping, it came out to around $21.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase. It's good coffee that supports people who like cars and doesn't cost an exorbitant amount. If you like cars and coffee (not the event) I see this as a good way to combine those two things into a single cup. Motorized Coffee receives the Gabba Seal of Approval.

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