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Mouflon beer, duck paté and a lyric story about childhood in South Bohemia. What more do you want?

Ladislav Stehlík is a Czech poet who wrote a book about growing up in a land of ponds, meadows and wetlands. I read it at high school and decided I have to see it by my own eyes. The calmness, the history hidden in every hill and gorge, the rich nature, and specific people. It was a part of the reason I studied at the University of South Bohemia and I can report landscape is magnificent and people are really... specific.

I'm rereading the book and combine it with nature - mouflon and duck. Paté is a common one. But the beer! Mouflon, or Muflon in Czech, is a product of Kunratice brewery established in 2014. So again, a new craft beer producer introduced to Foodtribe 😁. I can recommend all their beers but the Red Ale - it's a poetry about flowery and citrusy tones. It goes very well with the book 😁.

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  • The beer and paté look so tasty 😍. Which characteristic of the people from South Bohemia would you say that makes them very specific?

      3 days ago
    • Inquisitive, quite envious and they do not like foreigners ( meaning other Czechs too). You can become Southbohemian when your family lives here for three generations. I think it's the bad air from all the wetlands 😁. But of course, not all...

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        3 days ago
    • I guess there will be enough wetland particles accumulated after 3 generations in South Bohemia 😁. After reading that south Bohemia locals don't like outsiders it reminded me the attitude of some towns of Bavaria.

        3 days ago