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Mourn the deaths of thousands of Pringles

Those sure are some crisp crisps.

2y ago

Today is a day of heartbreak, one that will undoubtedly be etched into the memories of billions forever.

For the tragic deaths of thousands of Pringles has been reported by the Manchester Evening News.

The M1 in Derbyshire (which I didn't even realise was in Manchester, but whatever) was the scene of the disaster this morning when a lorry filled with tubes of the sweet, innocent babies caught fire.

Firefighters fought diligently to save the potato snacks, but I suppose that such a task is incredibly challenging with so many hands inevitably getting stuck in tubes.

I now expect an emergency government meeting to be held and for a national Bank Holiday of remembrance to be announced so that the whole country can try to get over the grief (actually, can we make that a week?)

But at least we now know how their barbecue flavour is made.

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