Move over Nobu: Here's how to make amazing sushi at home

The best way to make sushi at home: from beginners to seasoned chefs - just in time for International Sushi Day

Fatima A posted in Japanese
30w ago

Making a sleek, well-presented sushi roll at home can seem very daunting, but with a few tools and attention to detail, making restaurant-quality sushi at home is easier than you may think.

Homemade sushi also allows you be more creative and adventurous with your choices of filling, presentation, and serving options. Choose from thin-roll sushi with a single filling, thick-roll sushi with multiple fillings, inside-out sushi coated in rice and topped with fish roe and tempura flakes, cone sushi, or a more rustic-looking hand-rolled sushi – whatever you choose, the options are endless.

The tools you use can truly make all the difference when it comes to preparing sushi.

Using a rice cooker, as opposed to a pan to cook your rice, can expedite the cooking process and gives you time to prepare the other ingredients in the meantime. Be sure to use a sharp, sushi-grade knife to slice all your vegetables and seafood components – a chef's knife with a heavy, curved blade can work well for this.

Use a bamboo mat to roll your sushi, and keep a small bowl of a 4:1 ratio of water to vinegar on the side, to intermittently dip your fingers and prevent them from sticking to the rice. Use a rice paddle or a wooden spoon to mix around the rice and smooth it onto the nori.

This will all help to take your sushi at home to the next level!

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Comments (8)

  • I really need to give sushi making a try, but I know I'll do a TERRIBLE job 😂

      7 months ago
    • Practice makes perfect, definitely worth perfecting at home I think, imagine you throw (or host even 😂) a sake tasting and serve amazing home made sushi! I'd look forward to a second invite for sure 🙂

        7 months ago
  • Nice instructions

      7 months ago
  • I just realised how fiddly sushi is.

      7 months ago
  • Great post! For those that have issues with rice cooking, I would highly recommend investing in a rice cooker. They are ubiquitous in Japanese homes and restaurants and turn out perfect rice, every time! And you do not have to buy the really expensive models. Even a cheaper model will do a good job!

      6 months ago
    • Thank you for your comment, Michael! I absolutely agree - a rice cooker is a wonderful and worthy investment. I don’t go a day without using mine!

        6 months ago
  • For me, getting the rice done right is important here. Should be 1:1 ratio with rice and water. Know how to cook the rice properly to get the correct texture. Too much water and you end up with a sticky porridge. Too less water you might as well eat a dry biscuit. If using a rice cooker learn how it behaves with Japanese sushi rice as it might cook differently say from Thai Fragrant rice.

    That said 1tbsp of sake to cook the rice with would also give it some flavour.

    Also mix in the sushi vinegar into the rice with a paddle/spatula with a “slicing” motion so that it doesn’t become too sticky.

      7 months ago