M&S' Easter 'Yoga Bunny' is all kinds of naughty...

Despite best intentions, this is not to be given to the kids this Easter...

1y ago

What do you picture when you think of Marks & Spencer? Nice jumpers, good food, pretty flowers, comfortable shoes? Me too! I don't recall ever feeling like the chain may have a more kinky streak.

It turns out they do! Although they are keen to disguise it as a perfectly innocent oversight on their part, to make sure the regulars keep coming back...

This year's Easter special is the Yoga Bunny. A chocolate rabbit in the "downward facing dog" yoga position. Now, I don't know about you, but I practice yoga and have never found it to be the most festive of past times. The good folks at M&S appear to have other ideas.

They also appear to have recruited their Sense Of Humour department in the design because it's... well, it's pretty suggestive!

Of course, this may be a generation of liberated individuals, confidently pointing mild innuendo out to a generation of seemingly conservative M&S designers, but you have to question the decision to release the Easter special in time for Valentine's Day.

Coincidence? We think not!

Remarkably, it's not the first time M&S have revealed their more 'adult' side at this time of year either. Last year, some bright spark (who we are, frankly, all grateful to) came up with the Love Sausage.

Can you handle the romance?

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  • Honestly, chocolate figures are a bit disturbing anyway. One year my parents got me a chocolate figure shaped like a baby (kewpie doll). Yeah. Eating the face was creepy.

      1 year ago
  • It’s a bit subjective 😊

      1 year ago