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M&S launch cheese Easter egg

Savory lovers can still enjoy the indulgences of Easter

Remember Easter? It's that thing we were all planning to do in three weeks time. Maybe you were planning to go and visit family or have an Easter egg hunt with the kids. You're probably not any more. Easter has somewhat been buried under the coronavirus crisis; chocolate bunnies, eggs, and even sloths have looked a little useless as shoppers tear from aisle to aisle seeking nutrition, compactness and value.

Most of these seasonal items have remained on the shelves as people cram their trolleys with essentials; toilet roll, pasta and canned veg. A bar of chocolate takes up far less trolley space than a hollow egg in elaborate cardboard packaging, and as a result they've been largely neglected.

I've found myself buying one or two Easter eggs for the simple reason that they're frequently on offer, and are sometimes cheaper per 100g of chocolate than the usual bars of Cadbury's. How demystifying. An easter egg shouldn't be bought as a result of a price per 100g calculation; it should be bought for that child-like joy of eating a chocolate egg, and only after having found it tucked behind a shrub in the garden.

I considered hiding the one or two eggs I bought before eating them, but I haven't got a garden, and feared that placing food items down in a public park would result in me catching something nasty. Guess I'll just smash them into shards and eat them in front of the TV like they don't mean a damn thing.

All this is to say that Easter has been sidelined, and we need to get it back into our sights. And to that end, I bring great news: M&S has launched a savoury easter egg, and it's made of cheese.

These delicious and remarkably realistic looking eggs are made with Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage 18-month matured Red Leicester “yolk.” Each egg is carefully hand-dipped in a duck egg blue wax ‘shell’ and is made to be about the size of large hen’s eggs.

Rosie Eiduks, M&S Product Developer, said: “Delicious as it is, we know not everyone loves chocolate, and that the nation is actually divided between Team Sweet and Team Savoury. Those with a more savoury-tooth can sometimes feel left out of the fun at Easter, so this year, we wanted to create a must-have gift for cheese lovers too!

“Not only are our Mini Cheesy Eggs a picture perfect gift, they’re also completely delicious, with our quality Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage Red Leicester yolk. Beautiful served on an Easter lunch cheeseboard, sliced into a sandwich or salad, or loaded on top of crackers.”

You can purchase the Cheese Easter Eggs for a price of £8.50 (360g) available in M&S stores nationwide. You'll find it next to the rinsed cheddar fridge, one aisle along from the empty pasta display.

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