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M&S releases adorable easter sloth

Why stop at eggs: M&S shakes up easter offerings with sloths, flamingos and more!

1y ago

The centrality of chocolate is what makes Easter the second best Christian celebration of the year (nothing can beat Shrove Tuesday), but why settle for the stuffy old English countryside essentials of rabbits and eggs? Ours is an age of international travel; there's unknown exoticisms on every aisle of the supermarket, and every nation or landscape in the world just a few hours' flight away.



With that, UK supermarket Marks and Spencers has introduced Seth the Sloth and Flameggo. Both of these impressive, hand-decorated creations are on sale for £5, which seems pretty reasonable to me.



In addition, they've shaken up the traditional Easter egg with these 'sundae' designs, both of which are available for £10.



In fact, there's quite a few rather delicious reworkings of the traditional egg in the 12-strong collection, including a biscuity egg (£8), a fruit and nut lattice egg (£15) and an extra thick white egg with a caramel layer inside (£12).

There's a few other bits too; they're offering a jumbo chocolate button topped with mini eggs and a bunny tin filled with individual sweets, both for £5, and egg editions of the iconic colin the caterpillar and percy pig, the former is £5, the latter £4.

With all these new options, it seems M&S ought to be your first and last stop this Easter.

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  • Omg I need one but they're too cute to eat!

      1 year ago