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Murder Hornets are a new food sensation

They’re terrifying America – but the Japanese are eating them.

1y ago

Everyone loves a killer insect story. Well, when I say everyone, I mean ridiculous clickbait media outlets, such as the UK’s Daily Mirror that recently posted an article about Murder Hornets and how they can chew through human skin.

In fact, homicidal hornet fear mongering currently seems to be a big thing in the US, with warnings that the mutated flying killers can travel at up to 20 mph and kill as many as fifty people every year. Congratulations, then, to the person who invented bug spray. And rolled up newspapers.

The hornets are native to Asia and, despite being prevalent in the country for many years, the people of Japan are somewhat less concerned by the terrorising beasts – mostly because they quite like eating them.

The actual name of the buzzing nuisances is the Asian Giant Hornet – and in parts of Japan (particularly the central region of Chubu) dedicated hornet hunters are employed to track down the insects and find their (often gigantic) nests. The hornets and their larvae can then be fried or steamed, with the adults being served on skewers. Clearly they would serve as a delicious treat for all Glaswegians.

Despite the obvious perils of dining on such a venomous snack (wouldn’t a bag of crisps do?), every year Japan hosts a wasp festival, which includes the delights of deep-fried Murder Hornets and chocolate-dipped wasps. The event – called the Kushihara Hebo Matsuri – has been running for a staggering twenty seven years and boasts dozens of sellers offering terrifying wasp cuisine.

Apparently, all wasps – including the infamous Murder Hornets (that also have yet another nickname of Yak Killers) – are unusually high in protein. So, if you really want to make an impression on your Instagram gym posts try swapping your protein shakes for massive, aggressive, stinging hornets.

With the hospitality industry currently in the midst of an immensely destructive collapse, perhaps Murder Hornets and other bizarre cuisine could be the solution to ailing restaurants. Personally, I’m happy to live off fish and chips for the rest of my life.

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