- 1​0K cake!!!

M​y 10K adventure on FoodTribe

M​y adventure has too be celebrated with a cake, dont you agree?

Rémon Kok posted in Baking
1w ago

Less than one year ago I joined Foodtribe after seeing so many funny video's of James May on Youtube. Even I wasn't a supporter of social media I decided too give it a go and my God I'm happy I did it!

I​ met some amazing people on this platform and have found so many recipes that I would love too give a try. Half way through the year a became a proud member of the creators club and last week it happened! I made 10.000 likes with my articles and other posts.

F​or this I decided too bake something and what else too bake than the type of food that screams celebration..... A CAKE!!!

A​nd here it's Foodtribe my very own baked sponge cake with whipcream, baker's cream which I gave a nice light blue color, some strawberry jam as filling and ofcourse the finishing touch with eatable flowers and 10K + extra in glace text.

I​ like too thank everybody on Foodtribe for this amazing adventure and let's go for the 25K this time. (damn what else do I need too post!!!)

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O​pening the transporter case

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F​irst cut!!!

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Comments (25)

  • Congrats, man! You're an absolute master 😊

      13 days ago
  • Congratulations! I loved how the cake looks and it seems really good. Give me your cake 🥺 ......... please

      13 days ago
  • Congratulations! The cake looks so yum!

      13 days ago
  • You're welcome and congratulations! I love your posts! ☺ That is a beautiful cake, too. I am impressed with your serving technique - whenever I serve cake or pie, the first slice is a messy pile on the plate. 😂

      13 days ago
    • I always use a knife usually used for slicing meat. Those are a lot sharper than bread knives. If you have something like marzipan on top, heat the knife first with hot water from the tap

        13 days ago
    • Great tips 👌🏻

        13 days ago
  • Congrats!

    A cake is most fitting to celebrate. It looks wonderful my friend. We are happy you are here. It would not be as much fun without you I know that for sure.

    Cheers to 25k! 🍻

      13 days ago
    • Thank you!!!! And yes cheers! I have a bottle in the fridge waiting for it

        13 days ago
    • Welcome Rémon! Hide the keyboard 🤣

        13 days ago