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My 15 year old Oven may be on its way out, doesn't seem to hold consistent temps anymore.
My question to you FoodTribers is, has anyone ever used or actually has a double dutch oven?
I'm very intrigued by the concept (though I know that it's not a new concept) for being able to make smaller meals (which I mostly cook)in the top oven and bigger meals in the bottom oven (for holidays and get togethers).
I'm seriously looking at this LG double dutch oven, it has two 1,800 btu power burners in the front, one regular burner and one simmering burner both in the back. It has a convection feature with an air fryer, self cleaning (without steam or high intensity heat) and other bells & whistles as well.
Interested to get you opinions on this one or any other brands of double dutch ovens 😁

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  • I am literally no help here

      27 days ago
  • I considered one when replacing my range earlier in the year. Having two ovens of different capacities (and therefore preheat times, temperatures and power use) is tempting, but ultimately I decided against it for a couple of reasons.

    First, I value the large capacity of a single main oven. Good spacious airflow is valuable, and I bake a lot of bread and have a couple of large dutch ovens that I use for the purpose - sometimes together. I didn't want to lose that space for a little added convenience.

    Second, I have an Instant Pot with an air fryer lid that makes it into a compact convection oven. For small things, it's far more efficient than having a second, smaller oven which still has to preheat. My Instant Pot air fryer is also fast and gives even cooking.

    Third, cost. I wanted an induction stove top, and while you can get induction dual oven models, they're incredibly pricey compared with a standard design.

    So I plumped for a standard LG free standing induction stove-top with a lovely spacious single oven. I don't regret the decision.

      22 days ago
  • Sorry can't help

      27 days ago