My cat: A comprehensive review

Her name is Ginger and she is fat

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38w ago

Since we are in lockdown and there aren't many cars or fancy food to review, I thought I may as well take to reviewing my cat.

This is Ginger and she is approximately 8 years old now. We have had her since she was a kitten along with her twin brother Charlie who tends not to show up unless he is hungry. She is half Norwegian Forest cat and half rag-doll which means she is very fluffy and very floppy, not to mention overweight.

The other year we took her to the vets where they said she was on the verge of getting fat. We didn't think too much of it at the time as we feed her the right amount but it wasn't long until we discovered what she had been up to. This is about the same time we learned that one Dreamie cat treat is the equivalent to one sausage roll...

It turns out she hates the cat nextdoor for some reason and the only way she gets back at it is to go and eat its food. Nevermind how many times I have words with Ginger, she will not listen and continues to do it. Here is video evidence of her exiting the house but falling off the balcony. She is probably the only cat who doesn't land on her feet.

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Aside from her greedy feline nature, she is brilliant. I could not fault her. In fact, she is more like a dog than a cat. She will sit near us at dinner, follow us on walks and even jump in the car with us. She has even been known to jump in our neighbours car with their massive dog. She is very cheeky indeed.

Another thing which I would like to touch on is her colouring. She has an amazing colour to her. Ginger is one of her main colours but she also has some black, white and brown there too. It is very close to the brown Mr Tim Rodie configured his long-term VW Touareg in.

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Ginger has also appeared on TikTok which she's very proud of and is constantly begging me to show her. Okay, this isn't true as she hates it but you see her sneak past a dog and also bite me, so it's worth it for that.

There are many stories I have about this fluff ball but I won't bore you with them just now, Let me know if you want more Ginger content and I'll try and persuade her to cooperate.

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