- Mouthwatering. And let's ignore the fact that I can take a decent shot of a speeding car or bird in flight, but a plate of food is beyond my capabilities it seems.

My Cramped Kitchen; Thai Fish Curry

A simple and fairly quick dish with a powerful punch.

51w ago

I should have probably researched what constitutes a Thai curry before making this, but ah well. It's a dish idea I stole from work, and just kinda improvised a recipe for. But some research shows that for it to be a Thai curry it's got to have coconut milk in it, but I'm allergic to coconut milk. So what I've really made is a curry with some fish in it. Here's the video. And here's the recipe;

And there you go. Super simple, super healthy, and very flavourful.

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Comments (4)

  • You probably could have used plain greek yogurt or maybe a heavy cream since you can't use coconut milk

      11 months ago
  • This sounds easy.

      11 months ago