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My first attempt at Bobotie: South Africa's national dish

Yesterday I made my first Bobotie which I read is practically South Africa's National dish. Do you know it? I really want a recommendation...

1y ago

I recently started delving into some alternative mince beef recipes and I came across Bobotie and yellow rice. it looked incredibly interesting so I made it for the first time.

However, having done some research I can see that the recipe I chose is a bit compromised and I would love to try some more really old authentic South African recipes.

Does anyone know any really great South African cookbooks perhaps from the 1950s or 60s?

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  • Basically, fried garlic and onions, curry powder, minced beef or 50/50 with pork, various dried and fresh fruit and nuts. Slow baked then oven turned higher and a milk and egg topping put on and baked for 15 mins till set. I liked it but I saw more potential in increasing the flavours - maybe mine was a compromised recipe - I'd like to see a good old fashioned version. You should try it though - it's an interesting alternative to Italian tomato-based things with mince or the unexciting English things like shepherds pie.

      1 year ago
  • Now I’m interested as well.

      1 year ago
  • So how was it? And what's in it?

      1 year ago