- Does anyone else see a heart in my steak?

My first flat iron steak

Is it worth the hype?

Doug F posted in Meat
8w ago

I have been wanting to try a flat iron steak for a while now but they are hard to find but with time and patience I finally get to give it a day in court.

I also wanted to give Dale's seasoning marinade another shot, this time I let it marinade in the seasoning all day. I really wanted to cook this on a fire but Ohio had decided to let loose with rain. It is called a flat iron steak so I thought it only fitting to cook it in iron. So it went into a iron skillet with some butter. I thought some baked fries and garlic butter toast was fitting sides to have with it.

Honestly I did not care for the seasoning, it had a odd flavor that I can not describe. Sorry John I guess we finally found something we do not agree on.

As for the steak itself it was ok. It was tender enough but not as tender as a ribeye cooked the same way. I did come across some bits of tough gristle that I did not see on the outside of the steak when looking it over. Flavor wise it is hard to say due to the marinade. I might try one again without a marinade and flame cook it to see what I think of one that way. As of right now for the price of a flat iron steak I will stick to my beloved ribeye.

Does anyone else notice it looks like a heart in the middle of the steak? I did not see it until I started working on the post.

Have any of you had a flat iron steak before and what is your opinion on them? Tell me in the comments below. I hope your week is going well. I love you Foodtribe!

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