My first time with Juicy Lucy.

And it will not be my last.

Doug F posted in Burgers
1y ago

What we have here foodtribe is a burger you need in your life .That is the fast version. Now for the little longer version. The juicy lucy was created here in the United States where we are known for our indulgences , well here is another one that I am proud to bring you.

You start by incasing a piece or two of American cheese between two beef patties. Make sure you seal the beef well or the cheese will leak out. When cooked to liking add a couple of slices of American cheese on top to melt. Now for that little extra indulgence a few crispy pieces of bacon. I put that on a nice toasted bun and give it a shake of cayenne a thin spread of mayo with a little ketchup and mustard.. I kept it simple with the toppings because i wanted that beef and cheese goodness to shine and I promise it did not disappoint. The cheese in the middle was melted to that gooey goodness and I was hooked. This truly is an indulgence of meat and cheese.

Ok Foodribe have any of you tried a juicy lucy? And if you have not would this be something you would be willing to try? Let me know in the comments. Stay safe out there you all.

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