My Journey Through FoodTribe: Dumplings

Joining Ian Yu for some homemade dumplings...

7w ago

I was pretty excited for this because I do love some dumplings but I was also pretty nervous at the idea of showing my lack of skills doing the pleats. Regardless these will taste good. My dumpling filling had ground pork, chopped up shrimp, cabbage, some dried chives and all the other seasonings that was listed.

My bad dumpling making skills πŸ˜‚

My bad dumpling making skills πŸ˜‚

Ian has posted a few different simple recipes which only takes a few ingredients, so what do I need to do...the recipe with the most ingredients. No regrets! I knew he wouldn't lead me wrong and I am glad I trusted this idea because these were delicious! I did steam mine and ate dumplings for a couple of days. For anyone that wants to know my dipping sauce was chinese vinegar, soy sauce and crushed pepper. Would I make these again? Absolutely!

If this was enough to start you on a dumpling craving go check out his link below. I'm already planning my next batch of dumplings.

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