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My Journey Through FoodTribe: Loaded BBQ Chicken Baked Potato

Joining John Battersby for a bit of home cooking

6w ago

John tends to come up with some pretty tasty things this being one of them. Of course I do not have a sous vide but I do have some leftover grilled chicken that I shredded up. Apparently Kroger's is doing away with the craft beer BBQ sauce that John used so I chose a Kentucky Bourbon Craft BBQ sauce. This BBQ sauce is on the sweet side and very smooth. I took my microwaved potato, split it open and laid on the cheddar. Then I put on a pile of my BBQ'ed chicken all sauced up and then some more cheese. I stick this under the broiler to get all melty and golden. I pour a nice coating of the poblano ranch. That poblano ranch is amazing, just a slight spice and you can definitely taste the buttermilk. Now I take the bacon that I cooked on the stove, sprinkled it all over that poblano ranch and what's a loaded potato without green onion? All these flavors worked so well together. I just wish my BBQ sauce had a bit of heat to it but other than that this made for a great combination of flavors and would be more than happy to have again. Check out John's post, link below.

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