My Journey through FoodTribe: Smash burger

Burger time with John Battersby.

1y ago

I have seen many videos about smash burgers and just never got around to doing one. Then John Battersby had to do a smash burger post and it just pushed me over the edge to do one. There really isn't anything special to this other than smashing the day lights out of your burger but let me tell you what, this was one of the best tasting burgers I have had. I fixed it inside on my cast iron skillet, just because it was a hot nasty day out. I got my onions cooked up and went for my burger to get my smash on. Unfortunately I forgot to toast my bun which was a definite need because this still ended up being one juicy burger even though it got smashed. As you can see I went for basic toppings and it was as delicious as can be. This is probably going to be my go to method of burger making from now on. Full disclaimer: A spatula was harmed in the making of this burger.

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