My painting of Richard Hammond with Gin

2w ago


After my painting of James and Jeremy, I just had to draw Richard as well! And I know he likes a good glass of Gin, so I came up with this one. 🍸 🙂

I decided to draw him in his own little bar, where he recorded his funny pub quiz earlier that year (I really enjoyed watching that one!). 😄
So all three paintings have food and drinks as theme, as well as the colours and composition are identical once more. 

As in my other two paintings, I added a few extra bits: a photo of "Oliver", a big glass of Gin and again a photo of his lovely colleagues (and for the third time I don’t think he would ever hang up a pic of them! hahaha 😅)

I hope you like it! ☺️

You can download this one (along with a few other, more cartoony paintings of the trio) in big size from my gallery:

Here’s the pic of James in his kitchen:

And Jeremy’s Farm Shop:😅😅

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  • Yes, of course I know them as well! 😊

      13 days ago