I am on a quest to make the perfect cheesesteak

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My quest to make the ultimate cheesesteak continues! This is my fourth attempt and have I learned a lot on this one. I hope you all enjoy!

For this cheesesteak I decided to try it with a sirloin to see if I could save a little money and if I could tell a difference in the finished sandwich. So I seasoned the steak with my homemade MSG umami seasoning and sealed it up and sous vide it at 135 degrees F for 3 hours.

A nice sirloin steak

A nice sirloin steak

After the steak was done cooking in the sous vide I dried it off with paper towels and added a little garlic butter to both sides. After that it was out to the grill where it got a nice sear over some hardwood charcoal. When the desired sear was reached it was time to slice it up and add a little more seasoning. Sirloin is not my first, second or even third choice when it comes to steaks but after tasting how juicy and tender this was I am starting to question my choices in life.

I am still using bolillo rolls like in previous attempts. This time I spread a little garlic butter on the inside and put it under the broiler for a few moments to toast. When they were toasted just right I added some really nice smoked gouda and let it melt.

I could eat this by itself

I could eat this by itself

After piling on the steak I added some chopped onion. I decided to add them raw to add a little texture and break up some of the fatty richness.

Now for the bit I am really excited about FoodTribe! I made a sharp cheddar cheese sauce using sous vide and a very special ingredient that I recently learned about. This cheese sauce is silky smooth with the right amount of thickness, dare I say this cheese sauce is a game changer. If you want to know how to make this cheese sauce for yourself let me know in the comment below.

After the cheese sauce was added I sprinkled the top with some cayenne and took a dozen or so pictures, then it was time to eat and see how this creation turned out.

The verdict:

The bolillo roll is still my top choice and when toasted with garlic butter it is perfect. My homemade MSG umami seasoning worked well adding that extra depth of flavor but still allowing the nice beefy flavor of the steak to shine, I still think it could use a little more though. As for the steak, I must admit I couldn't tell a big difference between it and the ribeye's and NY strips I have used previously. I also enjoyed the raw onion more than the cooked onions of previous tries. Now lets talk cheese, the smoked gouda was nice and added a little smoke flavor as well but the real star of the show was the cheese sauce you all, it truly has my gears turning as to what kind of sauce to make next, the sharp cheddar was really good but I think there is far better options. Not only does sous vide make steaks better but it also makes the most smooth and glorious cheese sauce as well.

Tell me what you all think about this cheesesteak in the comments below. I hope you all are having a wonderful day, I love you all!

One last look

One last look

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