My review: Clean Liquor Rum – is clean drinking the way forward?

Can Spencer Matthews' alcoholic-free lifestyle sway me to drink this stuff?

Ben Welham posted in Drinks
34w ago

I am always up for trying new things, but when this popped up on my Instagram feed I became more curious than ever. I am a huge spiced rum evangelist and I am rather partial to an ice-cold glass of rum and coke. Takamaka from the Seychelles is my favourite.

However, this isn't rum as you or I know it. This is alcoholic-free rum.

Clean Liquor is the brand behind this drink. It also produces a 'Clean Gin'.

The man behind the brand is Made in Chelsea star, Spencer Matthews. As of a few years ago, he took it upon himself to stop drinking alcohol as he wanted to turn over a new leaf. Good for him, but is the product he's produced any good for the rest of us?

I ordered bottle of Clean Rum from the Clean Liquor website as soon as it became available. It cost £19.99, which I believe is £4 cheaper than it is now as it was an immediate-release deal. The price seems about right to me, as I think a normal 70cl bottle of dark rum is around this price.

My bottle arrived in a regular cardboard box, and wrapped in 'Hex Flex'. It does a great job at protecting the glass and is recyclable, which is a win-win. There's so much unrecyclable package used in the drinks industry, so this was good to see.

How does it taste?

I usually only have a rum and coke when the sun's shining and the weather's warm.

My initial thought was that it tastes remarkably like normal dark spiced rum, considering it has the same alcoholic content as a slice of bread. It's smooth and sweet, but that seemed to be it. I didn't experience that little bit of spiciness and subtle kick to the back of the throat you normally get.

I then tried it neat. Without any coke, it has quite a watery taste. However there was still a hint of what I can only describe as being a faint taste of proper rum.

When I constructed my glass of rum and coke, I put my usual 1/4 glass of rum, followed by 3/4 coke. But I think for this stuff, you need more of a 1:3 ratio to actually taste it.

With so many people enjoying the taste of alcohol but not necessarily wanting to drink, this is a great idea, and if I was driving I'd give it another go. But if you're looking for a really tasty glass of rum and coke, I'd still opt for the real deal.

After all, it's just 4 calories per shot of non-alcoholic liquor. What's the worst that can happen?

What are your thoughts on clean drinking?

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Comments (4)

  • I love rum, and would definitely try this. Not sure about the gold fish left in your glass. As that where the expression: ‘drinking like a fish” comes from?

      7 months ago
  • I hope you soaked that up with BREAD

      7 months ago