My top 5 cool FoodTriber posts for BBQTribe

It's not always about the food...

Jane Fyffe posted in BBQ
2w ago

There are already some amazing looking things on BBQTribe so I thought I would do a top 5 on what I found cool. It maybe food, equipment, meme, whatever tickles my fancy. So hold tight here is my top 5 for March.

#5 Kids in Motorsports: Bacon

I mean how can you say no to bacon? Ben is cooking up a mean platter of bacon and sausage on the grill. Not only is he keeping the mess out of the kitchen but that's just a cool idea as well.

#4 Alessandro Renesis: Glowing Coals

Not only does this just looks awesome it warms my soul. I love watching the colors of coals burning, I can almost feel the heat from here.

#3 Tabitha Frazer: Vintage grill

Tabitha had two really cool looking grills one even being vintage that she cooked some nomtastic food on.

#2 Doug F: Fire building 101

Doug took us back to basics with his version of fire building 101. Taking you step by step on how he builds a fire. Come on that's pretty awesome.

#1 Jan Zamojski: High temp gas grill

Jan is showing us a couple of thick steaks getting flame kissed in his high temp gas grill. This thing is awesome looking, not to mention them steaks.

I hope you all enjoyed my take on a top 5 for BBQTribe. Let me know in the comments!

See you all for the next top 5

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Comments (10)

  • Wow, I certainly didn't expect that! Thank you so much Jane, will try to post even better stuff!

      14 days ago
  • Wooooo Hooooo gooooooo Bacon.......

      15 days ago
  • This awesome! Thank you for the mention! Jan's grill is so cool 😎

      15 days ago
  • Thanks so much for featuring my bacon post! Big congrats to all the hard core BBQ-ers our there!

      15 days ago