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My Top 5 picks for Baking Tribe for March

I can almost smell all the goodness...

Jane Fyffe posted in Baking
2w ago

I can hardly believe that another month has come and gone and it's almost time for Easter. There were a lot of choices for March so it was pretty hard to narrow down but here's my top 5 picks.

#5 Erika R: Blondies

Erika made some amazing looking blondies and to make them even better she added in salted caramel chips! If you have never had a blondie you should give one a try.

#4 Vaishnavi Garlapati: Strawberry cake

It is shocking that this does not contain chocolate because those of you that know Vaishnavi on here know she loves her chocolate. She took some leftover strawberries to make a delicious moist cake. I know I would like a slice.

#3 Elaine S: Puff Pastry pizza and chocolate cake

Not only does Elaine gives us pizza but we got to have cake too! My birthday is coming soon...hint hint.

#2 Louise Brockman: Twix Cookies

Come on now I know I would not turn these down. Louise is fairly new to FoodTribe so make sure to go show her some love.


#1 Natali Eleftheriou: Barbari bread

Not only does this bread look amazing it taste amazing as well. Natali done an excellent job.

I hope you enjoyed March's top 5 and I will see you next time...

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