My top 5 Triber posts for Baking Tribe

April's top 5 in Baking Tribe

Jane Fyffe posted in Baking
1w ago

Another month has come and gone and here we are again. Breads, cakes, and cupcakes oh my! All the wonderful smells come wafting through my phone. Maple, cinnamon, and that glorious bread smell.

#5 Jeannine Lawall: Mini Popovers

Mini pan equals mini popovers. They just look so darn stinking cute and she also has the puking chicken too!

#4 Natali Eleftheriou: Crown Bread

Regardless Natali does some amazing pictures and this bread is no exception.

#3 Denise Perry: Chocolate Peanut butter pie

Can you really say no to this? Definitely looks amazing, great job Denise!

#2 Eimear Oneill: Maple cinnamon cupcakes

Maple and cinnamon already go hand in hand but to have this in a cupcake? OMG!

#1 Emilia Mig: Fruity yoghurt cake

Not only does this look pretty but sounds so tasty as well. The bonus is she gives you a recipe as well.

I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you next month for the next top 5

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  • Makes me want to bake.

      9 days ago