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My top 5 Triber posts for Sweet Treats Tribe

April's top 5 in Sweet Treats Tribe

1w ago

Can you believe here we are again? It is time for our next top 5. I love seeing all these delicous homemade treats that I am too busy to make myself. Hint Hint. Anyways on to April's mouthwatering top 5.

#5 Alex R: Tiramisu-ish

Alex does a take on Tiramisu but with raspberries. Such a cute little cup dessert.

#4 Zoltan Selo: Easter candy Brownies

Zoltan used leftover Easter candy to make these moist looking brownies, accented with fruit and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Simply beautiful!

#3 Chris Harris' dear: Pineapple strawberry upside down cake

Chris Harris posted this pineapple strawberry upside down cake that his dear made. Don't it look scrumptious and absolutely beautiful!

#2 Helena Lennon: Black Forest Cake

This cake looks so delicious and fluffy. I bet I could eat half in one sitting and I don't normally eat chocolate.

#1 Darren Parsons: Cheesecake

This is obviously not an ordinary cheesecake. Pears, hazelnuts and caramel top this cheesecake. It is arranged so beautifully as well.

I hope you enjoyed my picks and I will see you next month for the next top 5

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