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NAAN your average flat bread “

This by far has to be one of the easiest yet tastiest little recipes. Generally we try to eat healthy but that can get boring. So today we’re whipping up a little flat bread that fills our pizza fix.

All of the items we generally have some variation on hand. This recipe is completely flexible depending on your taste or what you have in your pantry or refrigerator.

Naan bread or pita whichever will work.
Precooked chicken (leftovers or rotisserie)
Caramelized red onion(sautéed with brown sugar and a splash of balsamic)
Spinach roughly chopped
Olives sliced
Feta cheese
Parmesan cheese
Cilantro and parsley for garnish

First I spread a thin layer of hummus on the naan, before assembling our toppings . Once the toppings are assembled, put on your cheese and drizzle with a little olive oil before baking.

I don’t have exact times for cooking I usually just eyeball everything but since nothing is raw generally 15 - 20 minutes at 425*F or until the cheese is melted and the naan is crispy .

Again nothing fancy here, cooking is what you make of it, choose ingredients you like and have fun ! Enjoy!

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  • Sounds like a delicious combination!

      11 months ago