Nando's is completely different in Africa and it angered me

I was disappointed...

Ben Welham posted in BBQ
1y ago

If you asked me where I want to go to eat most evenings, my answer would more of than not be Nando's. I simply cannot get enough of the stuff and I think many of you will agree. However, a number of years ago I was in Namibia and decided I was going to try one there but what I was greeted with was not the same, and it upset me.

In fact, it upset 15 year old Ben so much than I decided to make an extensive list of all that was wrong with it. I will present the list to you now and see what you make of it. I think I was a little harsh back then but I still stand by some of my outrageous claims.

- No Nando's card - Yep, they didn't know what it was when I got it out...

- No bottomless Coke - Only bottles!

- Pay for toilets - This angered a very desperate Ben

- Mild instead of medium - I'll let this slide now...

- Bring you drink - Same for this but Ben was scared of change!

- Have to order before you sit down - This I still find odd

- You get nandos tomato sauce - Quite cool if you ask me!

- Menu is different - It was very different, I will post a pic below

- Sauce is at the table - This really threw me off at first

- Special nandos tissues - No idea what I meant by this

- No cool music. Just awkward chicken frying silence - I still stand by this, I only go for the music

- Straws - Yeah, no clue either?

- Salt and chilli salt at table no pepper - I don't have pepper with my Nando's anyway...

- Different number thing on table - No clue here either

- No frozen yogurt - This was a shock and a disappointment

- No leather chairs just wood - It made for a very uncomfortable eating experience

- No sticky tables - Yeah, that's a good thing, Ben

- Food looks different - Okay, not that much different tho

- Cheese with everything - Yeah, there was cheese with every dish!

- Nandos salt tastes more like chilli - Again, not a problem. Ben you wally

- Sign is different - Don't remember that

- Wrap not tightly packed - It wasn't in all fairness

- Medium like hot - It was quite hot if I remember

- Hand dryer next to tables... - This was stupid. It was right next to the tables??

- No smoking allowed - I assumed this was a given for all restaurants but apparently I didn't know that

- No garlic bread - NO!! There was no ruddy GB! I wanted to leave

- They wear blue - This is true. All the staff wore blue and it was weird

- No bowls for your sides all on plate - I don't mind this too much

- Presentation messy - It was very messy. If only I had taken a photo

- Peri spinach is a side - Yeah! That's a thing which is very cool but I didn't trust it therefore didn't get it.

So, there you have it. As you can see, I was born to be a food journalist...All jokes aside, I was very shocked to see such a difference in restaurants. I found it to be the same as in Dubai. I don't like the Nando's there either. It is Britain or nowhere I'm afraid.

Yes, this was the entire menu and yes, I wore snazzy shorts. Don't you dare attack them, John Coleman.

Yes, this was the entire menu and yes, I wore snazzy shorts. Don't you dare attack them, John Coleman.

What are your experiences with Nando's?

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  • McDonald’s has different options on the menu in other parts of the world. 😡

      1 year ago