Nando’s stores reopen to support NHS heroes

Seven stores in the UK and Ireland have been preparing ways to back healthcare workers.

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Since the response to COVID-19 required the closure of restaurants operating in many countries worldwide, entire populations have been left with so much time on their hands that they have resorted to filling their days with bizarre things like cooking and exercise.

Even though individual bank balances will be bulging under the strain of all that extra dosh, Instagram has become a vast, featureless desert without the endless snaps of filtered food photos.

Despite the end of lockdown seeming as far away as Christmas seems to an eight year old, there may be some glimmers of hope for foodies desperate to rediscover their love of dining out – and gaining likes, obviously. Some restaurants (including the likes of KFC and Burger King) have already flung open the doors of a select number of locations, and now Nando’s intends on doing the same – but only, initially, for the benefit of hospital staff, key workers and those in need.

Since 20 April, Nando’s has being operating from four stores in London, two in Manchester and one in Dublin to ship out 250 meals each to local hospitals every day. This is ensuring that dedicated health workers receive a decent hot meal during their long and arduous shifts.

Additionally, the open shops will be contributing to Nando’s ‘No Chuckin’ Our Chicken’ initiative, which (as well as being a bit of a mouthful to pronounce) is designed to reduce food waste by making sure that leftover chicken is donated to deserving local causes.

The scheme was first launched in 2013 and has subsequently provided over 1.5 million meals to community charities – a number that will keep on rising as the stores continue their efforts to make sure that complimentary food is given to those most in need in nearby neighbourhoods.

The public health emergency means that Nando’s is evidently in no rush to reopen its stores before it is deemed safe to do so, but it is encouraging that in the meantime it is not letting its services go to waste.

Until Nando’s restaurants eventually open again, perhaps you could try and soothe your PERi-PERi chicken cravings by creating some of your own. There has already been alleged great success for KFC fans, so – as the famous saying goes – how hard can it be?

What restaurant are you missing the most?

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