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Napoleon cake. Very vegan, very tasty

Very tasty thing. Have you tried this?

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Ready chopped pita bread (round) 2 pack of 220 g

Coconut milk 400 ml

Other vegetable milk 600 ml. Best for taste is oatmeal. Cooking must be on coconut, oat, rice milk. Milk needs 1 liter.

Sweetener to taste. (sugar 1/4 st 250 ml.)

Rice flour about 3-4 tbsp.


A pinch of salt


Combine milk and sugar in a saucepan, slowly pour in flour, constantly stirring with a whisk. Put on low heat, cook, stirring constantly, until thickened (about 15 minutes) . Density can always be adjusted with milk flour. (Coconut milk tastes better)

Pita bread can be dried in a pan, then greased. The cream should not be too thick. Otherwise, it’s difficult to spread. You can pour the chopped nuts into a cream and smear with them. Try a combination of different types of nuts. Try to add chocolate and Vanilla

It is better to cook in the evening and let the layers soak overnight in the refrigerator. In order not to wind the edges - cover with a lid / bag.

Sprinkle with dried crushed nuts before serving.

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Have you ever tried such a dish?

The recipe for this culinary masterpiece first appeared in the early 19th century. There are several stories that tell the legend of the origin of the Napoleon cake.

It is believed that this cake connects its name with the city of Naples. In France, such a dessert is called millefeuille, which means 100 layers.

Photo credit: Tatiana via travel-dom.ru

Photo credit: Tatiana via travel-dom.ru

In Russia, the origin of this dessert is associated with the expulsion of Napoleon Bonoparte from Moscow. During the celebration of the 100th anniversary of this event, an interesting puff pastry cake soaked in cream appeared on the tables, it was triangular in shape, which resembled Napoleon's hat known to everyone.

In France and other countries, it is believed that Napoleon was still involved in this dessert, and moreover he invented it himself. According to one version, one of the confectioners wanted to please the emperor so much that he took an old recipe for a famous French pie, cut it into pieces and soaked in custard, as well as cream with strawberry jam.

Napoleon cake is very popular in many countries. Each of the countries keeps its secrets of its preparation and the taste of Napoleon from a store is different from what is cooked at home.

Many layers of the cake

Many layers of the cake

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  • Mille feuilles is a thousand layers. Just saying.

    Missed it by that much. 100 is a hundred

    1000 is a thousand. But who’s taking time to count them up. Just enjoy 😊

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