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N​ational Clean Your Refrigerator Day

H​ow often does it get done? How often should it get done?

1y ago

A​ccordng to, "The refrigerator is one of the most important areas to focus on when you’re cleaning your kitchen. Housing both raw and cooked foods as well as drinks and condiments, it’s vital that the appliance is kept clean and hygienic to reduce the risk of food poisoning. However, cleaning the refrigerator isn’t quite as straightforward as cleaning other areas of the kitchen, and certain products shouldn’t be used to clean it. However, fridge cleaning doesn’t need to be a daunting process."

S​o what should you use? Use your normal dishwashing soap with some warm water to wipe shelves and soak drawers in your sink. Follow directions on any cleaning products to be sure they are safe for food contact should anything happen in the process. Never use a disinfectant like bleach. Natural products are best, like baking soda, for hard to remove grime and food deposits, make a paste with warm water and scrub stubborn spots.

S​tart with removing all food, either shelf by shelf or all at once. Wipe down shelves, door, drawers, and allow to dry a bit before putting food back. While putting food back check for expired items, moldy foods, or otherwise. Don't put things back you do not intend to eat anymore.

T​o keep your fridge fresh be sure to rotate items as you shop for them, tossing any expired foods, rotten foods or otherwise. Wipe up spills as they happen to keep the inside from becoming sticky, moldy, smelly, or otherwise. And use a open box of baking soda, or a small container full on a shelf to help absorb foul odors and replace once a month.

Cleaning after each shopping trip or making a habit to do a fridge check weekly will help you keep on top of messes, smells and keep you organized! :-)

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  • I'm going to go hide until the day is over.... :-)

      1 year ago
    • Oh, Ben... XD

      But I guess I'm not free from the blame of failing to clean the fridge either...

        1 year ago