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National Pizza Day: More than half of people think pineapple belongs on a pizza

9 February is National Pizza Day, but 50% of people won't enjoy it

1y ago

Everyone loves pizza. It’s a universally acknowledged truth. But people also have some pretty strong (and strange) opinions when it comes to pizza. We’ve seen that recently with the reactions to the kiwi pizza, and the Pizza Hut KFC Popcorn Chicken pizza, which has been dividing the nation.

And in further shock news, a survey of FoodTribers has revealed that more than half of you think pineapple belongs on a pizza, with 54% saying ‘yes’. That might not sound like an emphatic victory, but Brexit was closer.

When it comes to pizza toppings, people aren’t as conventional as you’d think…

Pepperoni is the most popular topping (40.3%), with Meat Feast in second (14.6%), and the humble Margherita coming in third.

Ham and pineapple comes up fourth, with mushroom in fifth, and tuna in sixth.

Fortunately, the majority of people have seen sense, with 43% saying kiwi should be banned forever, 22% hating the fishiness of tuna, 19% wanting to ban fruity pineapple, 9% avocado, 5% broccoli and just 2% hoping corn never graced their pizza again.

How often are people grabbing a slice?

A surprising 11% of respondents eat pizza more than one a week, which is some serious pizza dedication. More than a quarter (29%) chow down once a week, 16% once a month, and 10% rarely.

The takeaway giants

When it comes to the battle of the big guys, Domino’s is the clear winner with 41% of respondents saying it makes the best pizza. Pizza Hut came in second with 32.2% of the vote, and Papa John’s in third with 26.8%. That tallies up with 31% of people favouring a stuffed crust, the highest response to the question of ‘what’s your favourite base?’. Sourdough was second, with 17% of the vote.

Pizza habits

It doesn’t look like the cutlery will be coming out anytime soon, with just 24% saying they eat pizza with a knife and fork, and the vast majority (76%) preferring to eat with their hands. People enjoy their home comforts too, with a considerable 71% saying they prefer to eat pizza at home, compared to 29% out in a pizzeria.

Using your hands does mean you can eat it quicker, which works with a whopping 48% eating more than five slices in one sitting. Some 16% go for five, 32% eat three or four, and a sensible two slices are consumed by just 4%.

The majority of people (54%) do stick to dinnertime to eat pizza, with 43% opting for pizza whenever the mood takes them, 2% for lunch, and just 1% for breakfast.

While you might have thought most people would think pizza is perfect as it is (21%), the majority reach for the garlic sauce (50%) to dip their crusts in. All other sauces are firmly lower down the list: barbecue sauce (10%); hot sauce (6%); tomato ketchup (6%); mayo (5%); salad cream (2%); with no-one opting for honey (unlike Kim K on her nuggs).

How will you be celebrating National Pizza Day this year?

Perhaps you could take eat pizza for every meal? It is the weekend after all...

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Comments (33)

  • I wanted to vote against corn, but kiwi fruit took precedence.

      1 year ago
  • apparently nobody from the western part of the states voted - no honey?

    And, of course, saying that Domino's is the best of takeaways is like saying that cyanide is the best of poisons to kill yourself with.

    As for pineapple & ham? As food, a pineapple & ham pizza is ok. As a pizza, it isn't.

      1 year ago
  • you have to suffer with me 😂

      1 year ago
    • Oh, for god's sake... And in any case: "Sourdough was second, with 17% of the vote." Sorry, but how else should sourdough be?

      Anyway... do you know that says that pineapple on pizza "is...

      Read more
        1 year ago
    • I've read it in Clarkson's voice idk why 😂 😂

      Yeah I know, I'm trying to ignore that statement but I'm still shocked 🙊😂

        1 year ago
  • 🤔 non credo ma sta andando comunque verso una deriva pericolosissima

      1 year ago
  • f*** pineapple on pizza ,sausage ,pepperoni cheese ,mushrooms

      1 year ago