National Sandwich Week reveals Britain's best butty

It's a week that has greater significance than any other national event

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It will not be a surprise to you that this week is National Sandwich Week. Celebrated from 17-23 May, the event showcases the ultimate sandwich dishes, and all of the many things that make sandwiches one of our proudest heroes.

The prestigious occasion is recognised every year and serves the purpose of paying homage to all of the sandwiches (and their makers) that allow life to be so much more effortless and enjoyable.

According to the website of British Sandwich Week, over £3.8 billion of our hard-earned cash is spent on sarnies every twelve months, equating to around 8.2 billion sandwiches. So, if you’re looking to quickly accrue a cash mountain you’d better get buttering those slices of bread.

It is evident that sandwiches are very popular in the UK (maybe almost as popular as booze)– and as a result, renowned bakery Warburtons chose to commission a survey of great importance for National Sandwich Week. Yes, you guessed it: what is your favourite sandwich?

After a ferociously fought contest that saw the use of many knives (how else are you going to slice a loaf up?) the results for the coveted honour of being the best sandwich of 2020 can finally be unveiled:

1. Bacon

2. Egg mayonnaise

3. Sausage

4. Cheese and pickle

5. Tuna and mayonnaise

6. Ham and cheese

7. Cheese and tomato

8. Chicken and bacon

9. Chicken and stuffing

10. Egg and cress

The bacon butty – staple of the British diet – clinches victory, despite not even being in the top ten when the poll was last conducted in 2018. Finally, we have some justice in the world.

In the battle of the condiments (something that makes the Oscars look like a water fight) mayonnaise topped the rankings with 55% of respondents claiming to love having their sandwiches ruined with a sour paste. The mighty pickle romped home with 40%, whereas ketchup achieved a dismal 37%.

Some of you may be shocked by the results of Warburtons’ survey and I don’t blame you – what levels of desperation have you got to sink to in order to enjoy eating an egg and cress sandwich? I have a suspicion that attempts were made to manipulate the survey by pigs.

Reveal your favourite sandwich in the comments…

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