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Natty Light needs a remote intern to develop their newest flavor

Drink beer while working from home... best internship ever?

Clare Wiley posted in Beer
1y ago

Let’s be real: working from home has its perks. Not least, easy access to the fridge. If you want to continue the WFH life even after lockdown lifts, Natural Light is hiring a completely remote internship position.

Natty Light is looking for someone to help “create the next Natty flavor innovation”. Plus, since the role is remote, you can work from bed or your backyard. Pants optional, of course. And presumably one of the perks of the job is a super early happy hour? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. It’s open for applications through May 17.

"We know how crucial internships are for our fans and how summer work experiences are the launching pad for their future success. We just couldn’t let the current situation overshadow this important step in their careers," Vice President of US Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch, Daniel Blake said in a statement. "That’s why we’re forging ahead with the Natty Light Summer Internship and evolving it to tackle a big task: creating the next Natty flavor innovation."

And if you’re chosen as Natty Light’s next intern, your other responsibilities will include creating “fire viral content”, designing swag and researching… which probably means drinking on the job.

Like any job, the Natural Light Summer Intern has a few requirements, of course. You need “extreme familiarity with social media”, “basic meme making skills” and confidence. You also have to be a “high quality human being”. We haven’t seen many job listing requirements include “just be cool”, but fair enough Natty Light, you do you.

To apply, you have to first fill out a pretty standard application on Indeed. Then, Natty light is asking fans to post a photo, sketch, doodle, or tweet of their flavor innovation using the hashtags #NattyIntern and #contest. Entries close May 17.

Worst ever internship: go! 😖😖😖

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Comments (3)

  • You mean someone actually drinks that crap.

      1 year ago
  • Naturdays is the best beer they have currently followed by hard seltzer, the idea of having trolls make memes won't end well and pretty sure any new beer will be named "Beery McBeerface" either way good luck to them...

      1 year ago
  • Sign me up scotty!

      1 year ago