Natural Light beer installs 'most expensive piece of art in the world' in NYC

It's made with 2,600 diplomas

4w ago

Beer brand Natural Light, part of the AB InBev group, installed what they defiantly dubbed the "most expensive piece of art in the world" in New York's Grand Central station as an attempt to raise awareness about the impact of college debt in the United States.

They named it the 'Da Vinci of Debt' and they say it's expensive because it's (literally) made from 2,600 actual diplomas donated by college graduates from all over the country. The conversation on the rising cost of education has been getting louder and more hectic over the past few years. The price of going to college has been increasing exponentially since the 1980s, 8 times faster than wages, and some argue that college debt might become the next bubble.

Based on the cost of each diploma that was used to build this piece (around $180k), Natural Light says the installation might be worth as much as $470m. This symbolic price tag would make it $20m more expensive than Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi, the most expensive artwork ever sold at action.

The new installation covers approximately 6,000 ft space in Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall and according to Natural Light, "the 2,600 diplomas are suspended in mid-air as if a gale of wind had just scattered them". They added that this design is meant to illustrate "both the scale of the crippling debt crisis while also alluding to the chaotic impact college debt creates for those burdened by it".

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Comments (4)

  • US, UK, Australia

    the most expensive countries to attend college in, because they profiteer from all the international students.

    The Uni of Bristol charges UK students £9250 per year. Guess how much for the international students? £23500 per year. It's pure extorsion.

    Fortunately Chinese parents are willing to spend their savings for their children's future.

    I just hope when I graduate my degree can create more economical benefit to China than what I paid in the UK.

      1 month ago
  • This sounds like one of those typical american superlatives....

    most ...this, most ...that, ...

      1 month ago
    • I know what you mean. I went to a pizza place that said it was the best in NYC and therefore in the planet 🤨. However, cost of education is one of the few exceptions where a superlative can be used, the average cost per year is about $30,000. One...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • incredible. so their government is creating a people with a low percentage of education — only the well-off or the rich can pay their way in. plus an armful of people to get a stipend.

      easier to govern, I guess...

        1 month ago