N​espresso: A Tribute to Trieste Coffee

A​ review of the limited edition coffee made by Nespresso

2y ago

T​rieste is a strong limited edition Arabica based coffee, from Nespresso in 2019. It is a coffee that is sustainably sourced under AAA and the Rainforest Aliance as always. Trieste is one of the homes of coffee. It is a town where so much coffee roasting goes on, and there is so many coffee cafe’s too. Kiki Deere (2015) from the independent suggested that the theme of this area and coffee was to go back to the basics of coffee, no flavours, just traditional coffee, made the traditional way. In all, this town consumes on average around double the amount of coffee to that of any other Italian, meaning, it is one of the coffee hotspots in italy .

T​he Packaging

T​he coffee comes in a vibrant white packaging which is different for Nespresso who tends to have darker coloured packaging for the most of their coffee. With artwork on the box of the town in question, with a subtle blue hint. The actual capsule matches this colour combination with the words Trieste written all over it. The power of the nespresso capsule is not just convenience, it is also about keeping the coffee grounds fresher for longer, meaning that this coffee has a 1 year date from made to being consumed. This only means for a limited edition, you are able to stockpile the brew, if you enjoy it, meaning you’ll still have it, after the promotion is over. Also, on the note of packaging, there is a barcode, which is highly unusual for Nespresso packaging, as usually the box is completly blank. Nespresso have teamed up with Starbucks to produce capsuals for them, for their own blend of coffee being sold in Sainsburies and Tesco’s (and maybe more). This could be an identification that soon, Nespresso may start selling their own capsules in supermarkets as well as their online store and boutiques.

T​he Taste

W​hile smelling the coffee, there is naturally traditional coffee house aroma, that is distinctively familiar. After the first sip, there is a distinctive hazelnut body to the coffee with a subtle berry note after the initial hazelnut. After another taste, I noticed a coffee flavour come out, just before the hazelnut. Overall then, this is a coffee that reminds me of one of the reasons I started to drink the stuff. For those bold and subtle flavours. Due to the coffee having an arabica blend, it means that those fruit notes come out more, than the boldness of robusta.

O​verall Score: 9/10


D​eere, K. (2015) Why Trieste is the ideal destination for all coffee drinkers, The Independant [Online]. www.independent.co.uk/travel/europe/why-trieste-is-the-ideal-destination-for-all-coffee-drinkers-a6783941.html, [Accessed on 08th October 2019]

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