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New beer is actually brewed with Skittles and Trix

We've heard of Skittles vodka... but this is new

Clare Wiley posted in Beer
1y ago

We’re a fan of Skittles. And we’re a fan of beer. Now it’s time to find out if they work together.

Because a beer company based in Georgia come up with a new beer that tastes of both Skittles and Trix.

Pontoon Brewing Company’s new Berliner Weisse-style beer is actually brewed with the candy and cereal.

The Rainbow Smiggles Berliner Weisse also features strawberries, pineapple, vanilla and lactose.

It’s the brewer’s third collaboration with Sprayberry Bottle Shop and is based on a sour recipe.

Head brewer Chris Baratz said: "We’re trying to keep the market well-provided with interesting new flavors month after month. Because of that, we like to push the limits and go to extremes to keep the brewers and customers excited about each new sour."

The beer will be available through the brewery and Sprayberry from February 7.

Plus, the artwork’s pretty cool.

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