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I've decided to try to create the meals James May makes on the Foodtribe YouTube channel

5w ago

As you probably just read, I have decided to try and create all the various types of meals James May makes on the Foodtribe YouTube channel. The idea came to me today as I re-watched his video in which he prepared some tinned Haggis and eggs. In the video, he suggested the viewers try to make the meal themselves, and this got me thinking. Then it hit me. For my new series of posts on Foodtribe, I was going to re-create all the meals May made on the Foodtribe YouTube channel.

Since most of the ingredients he uses in his meals are primarily British, and being American, it will be a bit of a task trying to source these various ingredients from my local shops, I won't be beginning this new series until Wednesday, but don't worry, it will be here soon enough. In the meantime, stay safe and I'll see you all Wednesday.

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