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Taking a look at the new @mighty shakes and M&S

Voodie Vie posted in Vegan
4w ago

Hopefully you have joined our journey on finding new milk alternatives and giving them the taste test. Last week we came across these new shakes from Mighty and we couldn't wait to try them and review them.

Marks and Spencer's have done a banana Oat shake for a while now and we love it. Our favourite thing to do is make Boba tea with it. The banana oat drink is just the right sweetness and means we can add just a small amount of agave nectar to the tapioca pearls instead of using lots of brown sugar. If you ever get a chance to make one use this banana oat milk with the pearls its insane.

To The Review!!

BANANA: although it was nice it wasn't as good as the Marks and Spencer's version. It was quite salty, and just not as good in taste. The one thing was good was it was a nice thick shake just disappointed with the taste.

Chocolate: Now out of the two if I had to choose to drink again I think I would have to choose the chocolate. It was lovely and thick, smooth texture and the chocolate taste was ok. I have to say I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't more chocolatey. The one thing that we often crave is some decent vegan chocolate which has depth and sweetness.

Mighty Shakes

Comment below if you have tried any of these shakes and what your thoughts were. We would love to hear them

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