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New Starbucks drink hack and limited-edition cherry blossom coffee

Involving cherries and oranges, Starbucks’ new range will certainly zest up your life.

1y ago

If you often find yourself overwhelmed by choice in Starbucks’ coffee shops, then these tempting tastes aren’t really going to help you very much. However, they will definitely give you something to aspire to.

Orange and peach iced tea

From the hidden depths of the Starbucks secret menu (yes, such a thing really does exist; although, its classification means that it can only be viewed by kings and queens – actual royalty that is, not just pretentious Twitter users) comes the orange and peach iced tea.

The special trick has an order that must be strictly followed: firstly, get yourself a Venti of half-sweet black tea lemonade; then, add peach tea before a drop of soy milk and serve over plenty of ice.

The exotic drink is claimed to have the exact same taste as peach gummy rings – perfectly refreshing, but I long for the day when the apple ones are taken seriously.

Cherry blossom coffees

Not content with its red and ripe raspberry flavour launched in recent weeks, Starbucks is back with more limited edition coffees.

This time passionately moulded around the Japanese love of cherry blossom, two new and exclusive flavours have been launched: Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino and Sakura Milk Latte.

Sakura is an extremely popular flavour in Japan and is more commonly known as cherry blossom. As the trees become bulbous with blossom during springtime, the experience is particularly sought after at this time of the year.

The special Frappuccino will include jelly-like pieces in a milk-filled base with extracts of cherry tree leaves and strawberry sauce to finalise the sweet and silky concoction. Topping the drink will be plentiful whipped cream and pieces of roasted rice – in a suitably themed colour, of course.

The latte, meanwhile, is actually coffee-less (sorry, caffeine addicts – but you can now at least find willpower to give it up for Lent). However, it will be made out of milk and sakura strawberry sauce as well as including the same toppings as the Frappuccino.

Starbucks seem to be genuinely committed to the limited edition cause because the drinks will only be available until 12th March and are exclusively available in Japan. What? It’s great if you happen to live in Japan; otherwise, it’s only a couple of flights away.

Which Starbucks drink tempts your taste buds the most?

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Comments (4)

  • Cappuccino. I am traditional.

      1 year ago
  • I better go get some peach gummy worms to see if I'll like it...

      1 year ago
  • while in Canada, I invented the '31C' at Tim Horton's. Three cream, one sugar, cherry syrup. So cherry blossom coffee 10/10 would chug

      1 year ago
  • I'd try the cherry blossom coffee, if I didn't accidentally order a white chocolate mocha instead. That does happen.

      1 year ago