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Nice meal made from everything I got in my fridge #Felixfakeaways

Nothing was wasted!

6w ago

Probably in this meal I used everything what we had in our quite tall fridge (2m) freezer and locks. We found some chicken bites, uneaten red bell pepper, not that old carrot, half garlic, two yoghurts with short expire dates ( natural and Greek yoghurt with honey) , onions, cucumber, frozen harvested mushrooms. Also sugar, vinegar, salt,pepper, spices and not so bad potatoes.

For a bit of time I had no idea what to prepare from these ingredients but decided to follow my instinct anyway. So I started cooking


Fried chicken with carrot, mushrooms, garlic, onion, bay leaves with sauce made with mix of water, Greek yoghurt with addition of some seasonings ( pepper, grounded sweet pepper powder, a bit of sugar and salt) and also two tablespoons of flour to make sauce a bit thicker.


Baked potatoes with grounded bell pepper powder, salt and oil


A bit upgraded mizeria (cucumber salad): cucmber, chopped red bell pepper, minced garlic cloves, chilli powder, natural yoghurt, vinegar and a bit of sugar.

Dish turned out very tasty. Aromative and full of flavours, we enjoyed that so much. What's more I used every leftover which I found and nothing was wasted!

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