No more drinking at the bar or buffets after lockdown

A glimpse of what going out will look like after lockdown

1y ago

Lockdown has been, at best, a bit of a novelty, but after nearly three months, I think we are all ready to get out the house again.

Well, the UK is in luck, theoretically. Boris Johnson is aiming to have pubs, hotels, and restaurants open by the beginning of July. Remember going out for a meal or some drinks with friends. Beer gardens, how I long for a beer garden in this glorious weather... I cannot wait.

It's clear that things are unlikely to be how we remember them, and a 75 page document submitted to Parliament has laid out measures that, it's believed, would help keep the public safe and prevent another virus peak.

No drinking at the bar

Fair enough. The last time I was at a bar you couldn't see the bar for people, but a few of those were people standing having a drink at the bar, so this would give more space. Whether a 2m gap is plausible, I'm not so sure.

No more buffets

People crowd at buffets and, although anyone would strenuously deny it, they finger everything and breathe on it. I love a continental breakfast buffet as much as the next croissant lover, but this is a sensible move.

No cutlery or condiments on tables

This makes sense, particularly with the condiments. You use the salt the people before you used and the people after you will use. Under these guidelines, individually wrapped salt, pepper, and sauces would be brought out with the food, along with the cutlery.

Children's play areas axed

This seems a real shame but I get it. I don't know if you have ever tried to have a meal out with kids but it is a hell of a lot easier when there is a play area for them to wander into when they are bored. That said, I have very little faith that the three year olds of the world have any concept of social distancing, so it's fair enough. Although, the fact that drunk people are trusted and toddlers are not is slightly contradictory.

Keeping distance

Tables will be spaced further apart and there will be lines on the floor to mark out how close you are allowed to get to others and these are to be strictly adhered to. There is a good chance this will reduce the capacity of most places, although this is yet to be formally confirmed.

So it seems beer gardens maaaaay just be open in time for summer...

Where is the first place you will go?

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  • I don’t drink but still loved eating in pubs with friends as they slowly get very merry.. and yes finger food tends to be fingered by person or persons before you.. I’m still working has a key worker and last couple weeks people’s attitude to social distances is getting lax... with being stuck at home in this glorious weather is so hard to bare... but life is a journey with a path full of test to your mind and heart.. keep talking to family, friends, neighbours and help all into a new brightening future..

      1 year ago