Not Fit for Purpose: How Bad Packaging Ruined an Excellent Chutney

For as long as I can remember the Sharwoods mango chutney jar has left me in bafflement, rage, and sadness. Here's why.

1y ago

Sharwoods make my favourite mango chutney. It's just the right consistency; it has just the right amount of bits in it and is sweetened to perfection. However, this product is ruined by the jar in which it is contained.

For a jar to be a good one, it doesn't need to do much more than preserve the contents and allow for easy access. And granted, the Sharwoods mango chutney jar preserves the contents just fine. No qualms there. But the shape is – and I'm afraid there's no other word for it – a disgrace.

It's almost as if they designed this jar with the explicit intention of making it as hard as possible to remove chutney from it. The normal utensil for this job is a teaspoon, but as anyone who has tried to use a teaspoon in these ludicrously tall jars know, you always lose the damn thing in the jar. Precious moments must now be spent fishing it out, and washing your chutney-covered hands. An outrage. As the photos make clear, the teaspoon has no such issues in the Patek's jar.

The next best thing is a dessert spoon: extra length means dry hands, you think, as you select one from the cutlery drawer and bring it over to the table.

But then another issue emerges: the jar is so narrow the wider spoon can't fit in. This really is obtuse of you, Sharwoods. Again, the Pateks jar demonstrates how easily this could have been solved: a wider rim means the big spoon has no issues.



The only remaining options are two fold: you can use a knife, which simply does not scoop well enough, and often ends in a spilled jar due to the top heaviness. Or, you can use one of those built-for-purpose extra long teaspoons. But really who wants a teaspoon specifically for jars of Sharwoods chutney?

I just have no clue how they ended up with this shape. It's wrong in so many ways (well, two: height and width). I suppose it looks bigger on the shelves, but surely this is not a factor worth sacrificing the user experience for? I wonder how many complaint emails the company has had over the years. They've certainly had their fair share from me.

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Comments (9)

  • Get an ice tea spoon.

      1 year ago
  • We need a genie who can take away all our minor conveniences in exchange for like 5 years of our life and I'll be happy.

      1 year ago
  • I have a set of long-handled teaspoons and they're excellent for stirring, eating dessert with (teaspoons are better for eating dessert than dessert spoons), and fetching chutney from the deepest corner of a jar.

    Colour me smug.

      1 year ago
    • interesting. It seems the comment section is more or less in agreement that this gripe is a 'me problem'..

        1 year ago
    • Well, no, I can understand. Ever since these long spoons, though, life has been great.

        1 year ago
  • First World problem...

      1 year ago