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You are in love with juicy Cheeseburgers!!!
Then you might want to stay here awhile, here, let me poor you a drink and I'll put another one on the grill for ya!!🍔

Double smokehouse cheddar cheese slices
(What's a burger without some kind of cheese on it, please don't show me pictures of naked burgers 😂🍔, even the generic emoji knows that a burger is never fully dressed until it has a few peices of Cheese in it (Don't go one measly on me with one slice of cheese on it here, that would be like putting on yer top but not putting on yer bottoms, perish the thought!!
Same with a Burger, it needs cheese dressed all over the top bun and cheese dressed all over the bottom bun, now that it's fully dressed, it can either be taken out in public now, or devoured lickety split!!).

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