Nothing says Christmas like a... £35 Percy Pig wreath?

Seems a bit steep, doesn't it?

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If Aldi's halloumi sticks wrapped in bacon aren't your thing, then perhaps this wreath from M&S is more up your street?

As part of the new M&S Christmas range, you can now be the proud owner of a Percy Pig wreath, but it will set you back £35.

So what do you actually get for the price of many people's weekly shop? Well, M&S will through in a whole range of Percy Pig product favourites such Phizzy pigtails, Percy piglets and an adorable plush toy. Then, the idea is that once you've eaten all the sweets, you can re-use the clips to hang up photos of Christmas cards.

Here's what comes with the Percy Pig wreath:

- Percy Pig™ (100g) x 4

-Percy Pig™ (100g) x 4

-Party Percy™ (150g) x 2

-Phizzy pig tails™ (170g) x 2

-Percy Pig™ and pals (170g)

-Percy piglets™ (170g)

-Percy Pig™ plush toy

-Percy wreath board with clips for photos

It's likely then that this product will be snapped up by thousands of families around the country, so if you're wanting one, make sure to head down to your local M&S shop or order one from its online store.

Will you be celebrating Christmas with Percy Pig this year?

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