Nothing's smoother than a hipster handshake

Because Blue Moon is too mainstream...

Scott Nadeau posted in Beer
1y ago

Even as a Millennial with a bread, I've never understood what being a Hipster was all about. I do, however, like this beer which shares their namesake: Hipster Handshake. It's an American wheat beer brewed with orange peel. Think of it as a Blue Moon, but better!

This brew is brought to us by Bombshell, the first brewery in North Carolina wholly owned by women. Three ladies in fact who all banded together after their passion for home brewing gave them the idea to start a beer company of their own. Everything I've tried of theirs has been excellent, ever since my first trip to their local beer garden which brings in an awesome rotation of food trucks. Hipster Handshake has been the one I've brought home the most!

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  • You've got the beard, Scott - I hope you drunk it with the beanie half-on.

      1 year ago