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Now the virus has taken our Peeps

What does this mean for Easter?!

49w ago

First covid-19 came for our restaurants. Now it’s doing the unthinkable and coming for our Peeps.

That’s right, the Peeps factory has had to close down its operations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. And with Easter just a few weeks away, the timing couldn’t be worse.

Just Born, the candy company that makes Peeps, announced on Tuesday March 24 that it will be temporarily suspending production at its factories in Philadelphia and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania due to the covid-19 crisis.

This is probably the biggest time of the year for the sugar-coated marshmallows - beloved by kids (and adults who should know better) everywhere.

The company statement reads: “In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, we are temporarily suspending production at our facilities in Bethlehem and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, effective no later than 3/25/20 at 6:30am through at least 4/7/20. Our PEEPS & Company® Store in Center Valley, Pennsylvania closed 3/17/20 and will remain closed through at least 4/7/20. Most of our office associates have been working remotely since 3/18/20 but now all associates will work from home through at least 4/7/20. All associates will continue to be paid throughout this time period. We will take this opportunity to further clean and sanitize our production facilities, offices and corporate headquarters.”

Just Born told TODAY that a staggering 5.5 million Peeps are produced every day.

But the company did add in the statement that “All of our Peeps have been produced and shipped to retailers for this upcoming Easter season.”

So unless people start freaking out and hoarding Peeps the way they’ve been hoarding toilet paper, then your Easter celebrations should be as Peep-filled as every year. But you might have to celebrate inside this year…

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  • It is not true, nonononono, it can’t be true. Blue, yellow and pink peepsies, nooooooo! 😳

      11 months ago
  • Nooooooooo!!!!

      11 months ago