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Now you can get a cauliflower fritter wrap at Subway

Rejoice, fellow vegetarian Subway fans — we’ve finally got another option

1y ago

Confession time: I’m a massive Subway fan. There’s nothing like a classic sub to fill a craving for cheap, veggie-filled sandwich and that suspiciously uniform freshly-baked bread smell. And you can guarantee you’re never far away from the comforting yellow and green glow of a Subway store.

But I’m also a vegetarian, so my options there are pretty limited. You’ve either got the limp Veggie Patty (gross) or Veggie Delite, which is basically just filler veg and cheese. Where’s the “meat” of the sandwich (if you’ll excuse the expression)?

That might be about to change, because Subway is trialing a brand new veggie option right now: cauliflower fritter wraps.

They’re being tested at several stores in Baltimore and Seattle. The fritters are made with white cauliflower, seasoned with onions and garlic, and have a crispy coating. You can add a creamy curry sauce, made with basil, coconut milk, curry powder, red chili, garlic, ginger and red pepper.

There are two options for the wraps:

—The Cauliflower Curry Signature Wrap with new creamy curry sauce comes on a spinach wrap, featuring Cauliflower Fritters, lettuce, fresh cut red onions and green peppers and banana peppers.

—The Cauliflower Ranch Signature Wrap on a tomato basil wrap with crispy Cauliflower Fritters, with spinach, fresh cut tomatoes and red onions, jalapenos and finished with creamy ranch sauce.

You can also order the fritters to have as a snack, with any dipping sauce.

According to Subway, 70% of consumers say they are trying to increase their vegetable intake.

The Daily Meal sampled the new offerings at Subway. Their take? “The cauliflower breading has the flavor of a fast food chicken nugget, which I don’t hate, but it's a bit of a sodium bomb,” one editor said. “And while this new option is vegetarian, it doesn’t seem healthy.”

“I wish the cauliflower wasn't breaded,” another said. “Made it feel heavy and caloric. It felt like I was eating fast food. I feel less that way when eating a regular Subway sandwich.”

But it seems to be going down pretty well online:

Have you tried the cauli wrap? Let us know what it's like?

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  • I'm not vegetarian but I really want one!

      1 year ago
  • It was unexpected to find another vegetarian here! 😁

      1 year ago

      1 year ago
  • It looks good!

      1 year ago
  • This sounds gooooood...!

      1 year ago