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Now you can get made-from-scratch fried chicken at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven’s new in-store restaurant serves “chicken worth crossing the road for”

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1y ago

Giant Slurpees and Doritos at midnight are awesome. But have you ever thought 'hey, you know what 7-Eleven could really use? Freshly made fried chicken'.

Well, 7-Eleven is one step ahead of you friend. The company has just announced a chicken and biscuits restaurant at one of their Manhattan stores. It’s called Raise the Roost... because of course it is.

It’s a quick-serve concept that dishes up made-from-scratch, hand-breaded fried chicken tenders with signature sauces, bone-in and boneless wings, signature chicken sandwiches, and breakfast sandwiches.

Billed as "Chicken Worth Crossing the Road For" (hats off to whatever marketing genius came up with that), 7-Eleven’s new in-store restaurant offers both made-to-order and grab-and-go options.

"On the go customers are looking for high quality, differentiated food options and 7-Eleven continues to explore new concepts that meet that demand," said 7-Eleven President & CEO, Joe DePinto. "Raise the Roost offers craveable food and generous portions at prices below what you'll find at most fried chicken establishments."

The new Raise the Roost restaurant is situated at one of 7-Eleven’s new “Evolution Stores”. That’s where the company tries out different ideas and innovations. The store, located at 88 Greenwich Street, also features:

--Made-to-order specialty drinks that give customers the option to customize their drinks in a full-service beverage format including custom hot coffee drinks like flavored lattes, mochas and more as well as custom cold drinks like smoothies, and cold brew coffee.

--Self-serve bean to cup coffee with the addition of touch-screen machines that brew custom hot and iced coffee in just seconds.

--Novelty beverages on tap that dispense cold beverages like tea, cold brew, kombucha, nitro cold brew, flavored drinks and more.

--Cold treats bar with self-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream that can be swirled to create new flavors with multiple toppings.

--Mobile Checkout – Customers can skip the checkout counter and pay for their purchases via the 7-Eleven app and accompanying 7Rewards loyalty program.

🍗Chicken from 7-Eleven: yay or nay?🍗

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