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Now you can get wine hard seltzer

We thought we’d reached peak seltzer. We were wrong.

1y ago

2019 really was the year of hard seltzer, and it led us to wonder if the hard seltzer craze had gone too far. We might have our answer.

Because now, wine has been thrown into the hard seltzer mix.

Defying tradition (not to mention logic), the Barefoot wine company is launching a hard seltzer.

This confusing new beverage is the “first nationally distributed hard seltzer made with real wine”, according to Barefoot.

But why? We hear you cry.

Apparently the Barefoot Hard Seltzer is a “premium alternative to beer and lighter-bodied alternative to wine”.

It’s made with Barefoot wine, seltzer water and one of four natural flavors: pineapple and passion fruit; cherry and cranberry; peach and nectarine; and strawberry and guava.

We’re still a little confused as to the point of this whole thing - but we’ll give it a try. The Barefoot Hard Seltzer will be available across the US from February.

What do you think about hard seltzers?

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